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Maha Satipatthana

Maha Satipatthana
Kayanupassana Anapana Pubba.
Contemplation of Body on Mindfulness of Breathing.
        Kathanca pana bhikkhave bhikkhu kaye kayanupasi viharati.
Idhabhikkhave bhikkhu aranna gatova sunnagara-gatova nisidati pallenkam abhujitva ujum kayam panidhaya parimukham satim
Bhikkhu! How does the bhikkhu dwell on contemplation of the body as body? In this dispenatioin the

Forty Tos and Samuccaya

Forty Tos and Samuccaya

    In the Patisambhida Magga Commentary we have a very famous meditation subject known as forty Tos, viz: 10 kinds of Anicca, 25 kinds of Dukkha and 5 of Anatta, altogether 40.I give below the description of each altogether 40 as classified by Ashin Sariputta in the  course of his sermon on Nibbana and it is one for Dhammanupassana Satipathana (Contemplation of Mental Objects on Mindfulness) of Mahasatipatthana Sutta to develop Patisanbida magga, an insight knowledge. I give below the description if the Forty    or that you may carry out practical exercises, if you like, for p~~t ~~comprehension of the three develop the various stages of Vippassanna,the four Magga, the Four Phala and realise Nibbana,
the end of all sufferings.
1. Pancakkhandhe aniccato passanto anulomikakhantim patilabhati pancannam khandanam nirodho niccam nibbananti passanto sammatta
niyamam okkammati.


The First Sermon Delivered by the Buddha to Five Ascetics.
Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sambuddhassa.
Vaneration to the Blessed One, The Holy One, The All Enlightened One,
Bhikkhunam Pancavagginam Isipatana Namake Migadhaye Dhammavaram YamTam Nibbana Papakam Sahanpati Namakena Maha Brahmena Yacito Catusaccam Pakasanto Loka natho Adesayi Nanditam Sabhadevehi Sabba Sampatti Sadakam  Sabbaloka hitatthaya Dhammacakkam Bhanama He.
At the humble request of the noble Sahampati Brahmana the Lord Buddha kindly consented to preach the Dhammackkapavattana Sutta for the realisation of  Nibbana to the five ascetics, namely Kondanna, Vappa, Bhaddiya, Mahanama and Assaji at the Isipatana
Deer Park of Benares. Let all of us, therefore, join together and recite this sacred dhamma for the welfare of the mundane and supramundane worlds, delighting all the deities.



The Second Sermon delivered by Buddha to Five Ascetics.
Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Samma Sambuddhasa.
Veneration to the Blessed One, the Holy One,
the All-Enlightened One!

Yanatha yena yayisso yogakkhayam sayayiya
yathagatesa yapeti vande sampatti lakkhanam.
Veneration to the Blessed One, gone forth to Nibbana, the eternal freedom from the fourfold bondage of kamayoga, bhavayoga, ditthiyoga and avijjayoga, after liberating tens and thousands of sentient beings by means of the vehicles of anicca dukkha and anatta.
(1)     Dhammacakkam pavattetva asaliyam hi punname Nagare
Bharanasi yam Isipathana vaye vane.
On the fullmoon day of Vasak (month of June-July) the Blessed One preached the Dhammacakka Pavattana Sutta to the five ascetics at
the Dear Park known as Isipatana in Benares.

Chapter (10) New Sources of Power

Chapter (10)
New Sources of Power

For the use of man kind, power has been obtained for many years from firewood and similar fliels, air, flowing current of water, etc., After the 18th or before the 19th century; coal was used for driving steam engines. when the 20th centui~y was ushered ill man first discovered the petroleum power from crude oil and began to use petroleum oil driving engines.
The oil and coal supplies are not inexhaustible; nature cannot supply oil and coal as much as man requires for all the time.

Chapter 8 some famous twins, Ma Nan Soe and Ma Nan San of Burma,

Chapter 8
The following are the short accounts of
some famous twins, conjoined twins like
the little Ma Nan Soe and Ma Nan San of Burma,
who were born joined-together (twins) in 1971.
        Life time, are strange occurrences for which the latest biology and psychology of the modern sciene have not yet been able
to account.
        The following are the short accounts of some famous twins, conjoined twins like the little Ma Nan Soe and Ma Nan San ofBurma, who were borujoined-together (twins) in 1971 and subsequently separated a few months, after their birth by surgical operation at the Rangoon children Hospital. Some months after the successful surgicalseparation Ma Nan San died of illness, obviously not due to the effects of surgical separation. The mother of the twins also died of an unknown illness in her village some months after the death of Ma Nan San. The remaining twin sister Ma Nan Soe is still living quite safe and sound under the benevolent care of the Children’s Hospital in Rangoon.

Chapter (7) “Edger Cayce Story”,Mana Mansion, by Gina Ceminara

Chapter (7)
The following are a few extracts from the “Edger Cayce Story”,Mana Mansion, by Gina Ceminara, from which it will be seen that the Cayce Clairvoyant readings of past lives of his patients and of himself have had distinct bearings on the theory of rebirth and the doctrine of kamma;

“Cayce was so shocked by his first vision of a “previous” life that he rejected its significance.But again and again “readings” of subjects by this great clairvoyant (cayce) uncovered past lives-lives that would explain the subjects’ present dilemmas and conflicts. The evidence in Cayce’s files shows why he himself finally accepted the concept of reincarnation. His clairvoyance was induced entiraly under hyponsis which is, we understand, often used as therapeutic device or as a means of investigation of the socalled unconscious mind (subconscious mind?)